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1. Download a template

Click on the desired template. We will send it directly to your computer via e-mail. Within five minutes you can start writing your application.

2. Add content in Word

Install the designer fonts with just one click and open the template in Word. Now, you add your individual content to the finished layout.

3. Send the application

Once you added your content the application is finished. Now, you can save it as a PDF or print it out and send it to the employer.

Why is the design of the application important?

Within a few seconds, employers decide whether to reject an application or not. Generally, the CV is the first document to be looked at, so the first impression of it is crucial. The look of the CV already determines the first impression, even before any of the content is read. If it is convincing at first glance, the applicant as a whole will be regarded in a better light. Studies also show that with the design you also communicate personality.

The right design gives a halo

The design of a CV can be so impressive to the recruiter that they automatically attribute other positive characteristics to the applicant. This is due to the halo effect. According to this effect, one outstanding positive trait of a person has an "outshining" effect on the overall impression. The applicant is seen in a better light overall - this especially refers to assessments of intelligence, trustworthiness, character,
and leadership qualities. A typical example is when a teacher assesses the performance of a good-looking and friendly student higher than others. Thus, the right design for your CV gives you a halo.

Already show off your soft skills

Professional qualifications and hard skills alone are not sufficient. While work experience, education, language, or IT skills are important in a CV, personality can hardly be demonstrated merely with dry facts. However, for the majority of employers, personality and soft skills are equally as important. These can be shown purposefully with the design of the application.

Convince with format and content

For 90% of employers, formal criteria are equally as important as professional qualifications. An unsuitably designed CV in table form is still the second most common mistake in applications. Employers quickly see how much time and effort has been invested in the application and by that draw conclusions about the applicant's motivation. Only in combination with the right design does the content gain the optimal effect.

Stand out positively from the crowd

According to studies, professionally designed CVs do better than ordinary CVs. Applicants with an optimized outer form are assessed as more conscientious, open, cooperative, resilient, and overall better suited for the position. With a professional CV, you present yourself in the best light and increase your chances of being invited for an interview.

"The outer layout of the CV determines how conscientious, open, cooperative, creative and resilient an applicant is seen to be."
K. Wang, L. Barron and M. Hebl (2010)

How do I choose the right CV template?

You can download a CV template for Word or Open Office that is suitable for your occupational group - simply use the filter function. Decide on a design for your selection. The better the design of the CV matches the position you are applying for, the higher your chances to succeed.

Templates for the following occupational groups are available:

- Thinking/researching
- Creative/temperamental
- Social
- Corporate
- Conservative/conventional
- Practical


Matching your personality

The CV template should match your personality as well, of course. If you are more of the modest type, choose a less flashy template. If, on the other hand, you like to get attention, choose a template that immediately catches the eye. This way, you feel comfortable with your application and look genuine.

Classic or modern?

Additionally, we offer you the choice between classic and modern CVs.

In addition to the job profile, it also depends on the industrial sector. If you are applying to an advertising agency where creativity is required, we recommend a modern CV template. For an apprenticeship in a bank, it is better to choose the classic version.

Furthermore, you should pay attention to the business culture. For applications to a typical German medium-sized company or a traditional family business, a classic CV template is probably more suitable. For an application to a start-up or innovative company, a modern CV template has a higher chance of success. The external presentation of a company can give you an indication of the business culture. If the company presents itself as rather creative and colorful, a modern CV is more suitable.

Single-sided or two-sided?

Some templates are designed for a single-sided CV. If you already have gained a lot of work experience, you should choose a template with more space for written content.

Design principles for our CV templates

Recruiters value clear and reader-friendly CVs that only contain the most important information and can be reviewed quickly. Our CV templates are designed in a way that every design element serves primarily to enhance the impact of the content. The design is not the main focus. The aim of the designs is not to catch the employers' attention, like an advertising banner, but to correctly structure the content, highlight it specifically and present it appropriately.

All CV templates and samples follow the rules of the CV in table form and are designed according to these principles:

The most important information can be quickly gathered by the recruiter
The design of the CV enhances the impact of the content but is not the main focus
Common norms and conventions in regards to CV design are being followed.

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