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You should avoid using standard set phrases. Instead, personal introductions are important. Eventually, the employers, who often view hundreds of applications and know those phrases well enough, need to be convinced.

In the following you will learn all about the introductory sentence of the application:

Writing an
introductory sentence: What should be in the introduction?
Common mistakes in introductory sentences: What should not be in the introduction?
Tips & ideas for the introductory sentence: How to write a good introductory sentence?
Examples of the introductory sentence: For different groups of applicants and situations
Samples and templates for cover letter and application to download


The introductory sentence is the first sentence of your application. As this is read first, it determines the first impression and is therefore of particular importance. An original and smart introductory sentence helps you to stand out from other applicants and be remembered. Therefore, a lot of sensitivity is required during the introduction in order to formulate a firm and convincing introduction.

A successful first sentence in the
cover letter shows character and raises curiosity. It motivates to reading on the application documents. At the same time, a successful introduction emits determination, self-confidence, and passion. Depending on where and for which position you are applying, the introductory sentence can be very individual and can also be creative.

What SHOULD BE in the introductory sentence?

The term "introductory sentence" is misleading as it is not just one sentence. Instead, it is a maximum of three sentences and about three to five lines long. Make the introductory sentence clear and brief instead of long and boring. It has to make you want more!

During the introduction, you can be confident and show who you are. After all, you offer your labor and don't just ask the employer for handouts. Thus, state your strongest arguments in order to immediately convince you as a future employee. The focus is e.g. the following contents:

- Your personality and special aptitude
- Motivation
- Relation to the company
- Special achievements
- Benefits for the employer

First and foremost, the introductory sentence should be individual and appealing. Think about how you can summarise your profile and your strengths in a brief and meaningful way. Details can be provided in the main part of the cover letter or during the interview.

1. Download a template

Click on the desired template. We will send it directly to your computer via e-mail. Within five minutes you can start writing your application.

What SHOULD NOT BE in the introduction?

introductory sentence should grab the reader's attention and make them excited for the rest of the application. At the same time, the introductory sentence has to offer added value.

Therefore, self-evident and obvious statements are out of place in the introduction. So, the following does not need to be said:

- That you apply
- That you are interested in the position
- That you found the job advertisement in a job exchange, on the employer's website, etc.

Do not use banal verbiage such as e.g. "I am applying for the...", "I am very motivated..." or "With a lot of pleasure...".

Passive or negative formulations do not belong in the
introduction. That also applies to nested sentences. Instead of long sentences with lots of commas, write several short sentences. This helps you to get to the point and is direct, active, and self-confident.

Spelling and grammatical errors are an absolute no-go in the
cover letter. Read your cover letter several times and ask someone else to look over it in order to avoid any speech errors.

To write a good introduction is not easy. Ideas for smart introductory sentences can be found in the following sections.

Establish a personal connection

A personal connection stimulates familiarity and addresses the employer on an emotional level. A successful personal example can look like this:

"For years, I have been following the progress of the automotive industry and the development of electric cars of Your company with great interest. My fellow students have spoken with great enthusiasm about the internships in your company..."

3. Send the application

Once you added your content the application is finished. Now, you can save it as a PDF or print it out and send it to the employer.

Tip: Adapt the tone of the company

The introductory sentence, as well as the rest of the application, should match the corporate culture of the employer. If the tone is generally more relaxed, your introduction can also be a bit cheekier.

However, even with a casual tone, do not become too casual or colloquial. Be polite and respectful.

The style should also suit the employer. Unusual introductory sentences are more welcome at modern companies. On the contrary, for conservative sectors they are often a no go.

Caution: Impersonal and general introduction

The introductory sentence has to address the employer individually. This way, the employer immediately recognizes that this is not a bulk application.

Especially important is the salutation. Instead of "Dear Sir or Madam,", start your introductory sentence by addressing the contact person directly, e.g. "Dear Ms. Muster,".

In regards to the content, the introductory sentence should also relate to the company and not be worded too generally. Immediately establish a connection to the company in order for the employer to feel personally addressed.

Tip: Mention personal contacts in the company


If you've had personal contact with the employer even before you submitted your application, for example with an unsolicited application, you can mention this in the introduction.


Knowing someone in the company personally indicates communication skills and creates a direct connection to the employer. For example, you can refer to:

- getting to know each other at a trade fair

- a telephone call

- a personal conversation

- an employee of the department

- an internal recommendation

Emphasize your passion

If you have little experience but make up for it with a lot of motivation and passion, you can score with emotions and character. For example like this:

"I have been passionate about the hotel industry since my childhood. After several internships in hotels as well as restaurants, my passion and love for this industry have only grown..."

"I have always dreamed about being a fitness trainer. I'm not only a fervent athlete myself, I'm also passionate about health and nutrition..."

Show your values compass

A lot of employers are interested in their applicants' attitudes and values. If your values compass matches the company, you can use this as a start. For example:

"Ever since my school days, I have been enthusiastic about environmental protection. The well-being of our planet, people, and animals are very important to me. As an environmental engineer, I would like to contribute to sustainability..."

Self-confidence is always welcome

You are offering your skills and motivation to the employer with your application. Be aware of your worth and don't downplay it. A self-confident introduction could sound like this:

"Are you in need of a reliable and experienced hairdresser who does not only possess skill but is also resilient and creative? That's me! And I have a lot more to offer..."

If you are looking for an experienced, organized, and resilient qualified tax clerk, we absolutely have to get to know each other..."

2. Add content in Word

Install the designer fonts with just one click and open the template in Word. Now, you add your individual content to the finished layout.

Use storytelling

Storytelling is an unusual start which shows a lot of character. But it has to offer real added value. An example:

"Your practice is located right across from my apartment. This means: while other employees are still on the way, I can be there first thing in the morning and in emergency situations, I can fill in on short notice!"

Be provoking

A shock factor in the introductory sentence arouses interest and encourages them to continue reading. For that purpose, you first create a negative statement which you then resolve positively. It can be used effectively like this:

"I am not interested in your job advertisement - I am passionate about it!"

Change the meta-level

A change in the meta-level means that you look at the application and the application process from a different perspective. This method appears creative, unusual and immediately attracts attention. It is important that the rest of the cover letter is continued convincingly.


"This is not an ordinary application. As you can see, I am not starting with 'I hereby apply'. You probably see that sentence dozens of times in a day. You know, I am a fundamentally creative person..."

Checklist for successful introductory sentences

- Introduction is limited to a maximum of three sentences and few lines
- Contact person addressed directly
- Content shows the reference to the company
- No set phrases, instead of individual wording is used
- Active language (adjectives and adverbs) and strong verbs are used
- Formulate short main clauses and avoid nested sentences
- Aroused interest and made curious for more with an individual entrance
- Used the personal profile, motivation and experience as a start

Introductory sentences for professionally experienced

"Due to my many years of experience and my above-average performance as an engineer, I am able to realize construction projects under high pressure to perform and to optimize processes profitably. With my expert knowledge, I am the perfect addition to your team in order to contribute to the success of your company and to develop it further."

"With my 10-year experience in customer service in the area of after-sales telecommunication, my organizational talent, and my passion for customer management, I am optimally suited for your position as sales team leader."

Introductory sentences for students and people at the beginning of their working lives

"During my five years spent at the university, I have acquired a great deal of knowledge in the area of business administration. Now, I would like to prove myself in a working environment by being your trainee in the sales department."

"I can't wait to start my professional career after finishing my training as a gardener in three months' time. Why are you the company of my choice? I am convinced that we are united in our concern for the environment and sustainability as well as our love for nature."

Introductory sentences for trainees

"The subject of asylum is very important to me as I am a child of migrants myself. I take every opportunity to stand up for asylum seekers which is the reason your projects immediately caught my attention. With my practical disposition, my experience as a volunteer in different institutions and my genuine interest, I am the perfect fit for your internship programme."

"As I am very socially inclined, want to work close to people and am passionate about care and health topics, I see my professional future in the health sector. Currently, I am in the 4th semester of my degree in nursing management. An internship in your facility especially appeals to me because of your extensive range of support offered to severely disabled people."

Introductory sentences for apprentices

"Are you looking for a dedicated apprentice in wholesale and foreign trade who can work independently and reliably and is also eager to learn and clever? That's me! I would like to contribute to your team and I already have experience from internships and part-time jobs in retail."

"I have always been very passionate about travelling and foreign cultures. Now, I would like to get into the tourism sector in order to help travellers to realise their dream trips and complete an apprenticeship as a travel agent. My organisational talent, my own international experience and my communication skills will certainly benefit your company."

Introductory sentences for pupils

"I would like to gain my first work experience and take responsibility for a team for which reason the tasks as a junior holiday camp leader are very appealing to me. I have shown team spirit as well as organizational talent in numerous working groups at my school which is why I am up to the challenge."

"I have a lot of experience with younger children as I have three younger siblings. Therefore, being in charge of a kindergarten group won't be a problem for me. I'm looking forward to supporting the educators in their day-to-day work during a student internship and to teach the children a lot as well as learn a lot myself."

Examples by situation

Introduction of an unsolicited application

“During my many years of professional experience as a manager in the publishing industry, I got to know your company as a well-known company for a long time. As I am looking for a new challenge, I apply proactively in the field of marketing and sales."

“For years I have been watching your company move to the top of the industry. I am convinced you have the potential to take the deserved place as a market leader - and I am offering you my expertise and skills as an experienced project manager with a focus on product development. "

Introductory sentence after a phone call


"Thank you very much for the open and friendly call last Tuesday. Our conversations have only strengthened my desire to be part of your team as a caretaker which is why I am now sending you my documents."

"Thank you very much for the pleasant and informative conversation on January 24th, 2021. Not only were my questions answered, but it also became apparent that my skills and experiences as an office clerk can be used in your company. Therefore, as discussed, I am sending you my documents."

Introductory sentences after a personal interview or recommendation


"Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to me personally. This confirmed my desire to be part of your team. I hope that I was able to arouse your interest in me as an employee. To emphasize my readiness again, you will now receive my application documents. "

“John Smith, an employee currently working in the security department of your company and a long-time friend of mine, told me enthusiastically about the vision, the organization, and the originality of your company. I would therefore like to follow his recommendation and apply for the open position of Key Account Manager. I am convinced that my knowledge and soft skills make me an ideal employee in this area. "

Introductory sentences after e-mail contact


“Thank you very much for your insightful response to my email. You have only strengthened my interest in your company, which is why I am now sending you my application documents so that you too can convince yourself of me."

Tip: Adapt the tone of the company

The introductory sentence, as well as the rest of the application, should match the corporate culture of the employer. If the tone is generally more relaxed, your Caution: Introduction of the e-mail application

If you send your application via e-mail, you have to write an introduction for your cover letter and address the e-mail to the contact person. Make sure that they are not duplicated content wise. The employer does not want to read the same twice.

An introduction with a reference to the personal contact fits better in the e-mail text. Instead, start your cover letter in an original way with a meaningful argument.can also be a bit cheekier.

However, even with a casual tone, do not become too casual or colloquial. Be polite and respectful.

The style should also suit the employer. Unusual introductory sentences are more welcome at modern companies. On the contrary, for conservative sectors they are often a no go.

Introductory sentences after getting to know each other at a trade fair

"Our first meeting was only a few weeks ago - your employees at the Hamburg career fair in 2021 convinced me not only with their competence but also with their open-mindedness that I am perfectly suited for a career as a police officer."

"I first noticed you at the job fair in Bonn 2021 because of your presentation on the development of SAP software. After a conversation with your employees, it was only confirmed that my skills and qualifications perfectly match your requirements."

Introductory sentences after a completed internship


“These last three months of my internship at your facility went by in a flash. After this time filled with interesting projects, valuable experiences, and exciting challenges, I now would like to be a permanent member of your team as an educator."

“The internship in your company was an experience that enriched me in a lot of ways. Now, I would like to apply the skills, expertise, and knowledge I have gained and shape the future together with you as a permanent member of your team."

Introductory sentences for internal applications, career changers, and job changes

“After having worked as a media assistant for 5 years, I would like to take the opportunity to apply for the internally advertised position as a media designer. Not only do I have the necessary knowledge, but I am already familiar with the processes of this company and am enthusiastic about new challenges."

“After 15 years of working as a secretary, I would now like to follow my passion and join your team as a social media manager. My skills as a secretary form the basis for my organizational talent, but I also have some first experience."

“I gathered from the media that you are expanding to Italy in order to sell your products there. Thanks to my many years of experience as an Italian teacher, I not only have language skills at a high level, but also extensive cultural knowledge which means that I can perfectly support your new marketing team."

Samples and templates for cover letter and application

Are you stuck writing your cover letter? Then our sample cover letters for various positions and applicant groups are perfect for you. In each cover letter template, you will find examples of formulations that you can use as inspiration. An important advantage: All cover letters have a professional layout and format which makes them also visually convincing. Just choose a cover letter that matches you and your desired position and download it. You can instantly start writing!

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